Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dellsons Group signs partnership with UAE-based NymCard to promote fintech innovation

Pakistan's financial consultancy firm, Dellsons Associates (Pvt) Ltd, has signed a strategic partnership with NymCard, a leading embedded finance solutions provider in MENAP, to promote innovation in the fintech landscape and empower businesses across the Middle East and Pakistan.

The strategic alliance will synergize NymCard's cutting-edge technology with Dellsons' regional expertise and industry connections in the financial and banking sectors. The partnership agreement was officially signed at the recent Dubai Fintech Summit.

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Under this collaboration, Dellsons will act as a partner agent, referring new business opportunities, client deals, and valuable contacts to NymCard, focusing on the fintech and banking sectors in the UAE and Pakistan. Dellsons' extensive network and industry knowledge, coupled with NymCard's innovative solutions, create a powerful alliance to revolutionize the financial services landscape.

"NymCard's objective is to transform the embedded financial sector by introducing innovative value propositions. We are excited to partner with Dellsons Associates, believing the synergies from this collaboration would catalyze cross-regional expansion for both institutions", said Shiraz Ali, Chief Business Officer at NymCards.

Ibrahim Amin, , Chairman of Dellson Associates, added: "We at Dellsons Associates are working in Pakistan and Middle East region to promote fintech innovation, financial inclusion, and digitization of cross-border channels of remittances to facilitate different states. Our key objective is to bring social and economic development through technological solutions, collaborations with emerging players, and networking with communities in Pakistan, the UAE, and different countries of the Middle East and South Asia."

Tufail Ahmed Khan, CEO of Dellsons UAE, said: "Pakistan and UAE are two emerging states that can boost regional economies on different fronts, including collaboration in two key areas—technology and finance. We at Dellsons are connecting two states, private sector institutions, and communities through various platforms, mainly through conferences and exhibitions."

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