Wednesday, June 19, 2024

EU Maintains Ban on Pakistani Air Carriers

The European Union (EU) has upheld its ban on Pakistani air carriers, including PIA, following a recent meeting where no grounds were found for amending the current list of banned airlines.

This decision follows a comprehensive review by the EU Air Safety Committee, which conducted an on-site evaluation of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) and sample assessments of Pakistani airlines Fly Jinnah and Airblue Ltd.

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While the PCAA demonstrated adherence to international safety standards, several shortcomings were identified, including insufficient scrutiny in closing findings and severe understaffing in certain departments.

Despite the improvements made by the PCAA, including increased staffing and the establishment of quality control measures, the EU deemed it necessary to maintain the ban on Pakistani air carriers.

The EU emphasized the importance of continuous monitoring of the safety situation in Pakistan and urged Member States to continue verifying compliance through ramp inspections.

While the ban remains in place for now, the EU highlighted the need for ongoing support from the Pakistani government and stability within the PCAA leadership. Any indication of imminent safety risks could prompt further action, reinforcing the importance of maintaining international safety standards.

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