Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Federal Minister Saif Vows to Boost Freelancers

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Umar Saif, made a resolute pledge on Saturday to uplift this vital segment of Pakistan's workforce.

Speaking at a ceremony in Lahore, Minister Saif underscored the importance of simplifying the process for freelancers in Pakistan to access funds from foreign countries. Thanks to advancements on international platforms, freelancers can now seamlessly receive funds instantaneously, marking a significant step forward for Pakistan's freelance community.

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Moreover, Minister Saif revealed ambitious plans for the introduction of a startup loan program, drawing inspiration from Punjab's successful E-Rozgaar initiative. This program aims to foster entrepreneurship within the technology sector, providing aspiring tech entrepreneurs with the necessary financial support to kickstart their ventures.

Dr. Saif stressed the importance of providing comprehensive guidance to individuals embarking on new businesses within the technology field. Recognizing the potential of technological innovation, he highlighted plans for collaboration with universities nationwide to establish innovation centers. These centers are poised to serve as hubs for nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and driving technological advancement across various sectors.

Additionally, Minister Saif reaffirmed his commitment to expanding high-speed internet accessibility to additional cities and rural areas through collaborative efforts with investors. By enhancing internet infrastructure, the government aims to create a conducive environment for innovation and economic growth, ensuring that no community is left behind in the digital age.

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Izaan Zubair
Izaan Zubair
With a passion and curiosity for technology, Izaan is a seasoned writer with four years of experience. His expertise lies in translating complex tech updates into engaging stories. Beyond technology, Izaan keeps a finger on the pulse of worldly news, crafting exclusive narratives that inform and inspire his readers.
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