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Mushaal Highlights Importance of Tech-Savvy Workforce for Pakistan’s Economy

Mushaal Hussein Mullick, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, underscored the necessity of a tech-savvy workforce to maintain Pakistan's standing in the rapidly evolving global economy. Speaking at Future-Fest 2024, an innovation Expo in Lahore, Mushaal commended the event for showcasing groundbreaking ideas, and cutting-edge technologies and fostering inspiring discussions.

Addressing the audience, Mushaal emphasized the imperative of youth involvement in innovation, investment, and overall economic development. Accompanied by key officials including Focal Person to SAPM Sabien Hussein Mullick and Advisor to SAPM on Communication Waqas Banorie, she lauded the diverse range of innovative ideas presented by entrepreneurs and exhibitors at the Expo.

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Mushaal praised Future-Fest's achievements, noting the substantial direct investment of $200 million and the creation of 30,000 direct jobs resulting from the event. She highlighted the significance of securing such investments in advancing cutting-edge technologies, startups, and projects across various industries in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Mushaal commended Future-Fest's innovation road show, which brought together entrepreneurs, startups, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts from across the country. She acknowledged the extraordinary contribution of His Royal Highness, Prince Fahad bin Mansour, in promoting technological innovation through his $100 million investment for the establishment of a tech house in Pakistan.

Emphasizing the critical role of youth in technological innovation and economic progress, Mushaal stressed the importance of fostering a tech-savvy workforce to propel the nation forward. She praised Future-Fest's initiatives, including free online IT training for one million youth, as a significant step towards empowering the younger generation with valuable skills and contributing to the overall technological advancement of the country.

During her visit to the Expo, Mushaal engaged with innovators and entrepreneurs, witnessing firsthand the innovative ideas and technological products showcased. She extended her appreciation to Future-Fest for organizing an event that inspired creativity, promoted collaboration, and paved the way for a brighter, more innovative future for Pakistan.

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Izaan Zubair
Izaan Zubair
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