Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sindh Governor’s Initiative: Free Goats for Orphans and Robbery Victims

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori has unveiled a compassionate initiative to distribute sacrificial goats to orphaned children and individuals whose guardians have fallen victim to robbery ahead of Eid ul Adha 2024.

During a visit to the Sohrab Goth welfare trust office, Governor Kamran Tessori pledged the donation of two camels for "Ijtamai Qurbani."

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Prior to Eid, Tessori announced plans to provide goats to children orphaned or affected by robbery, with distribution set to commence three days before Eid. Additionally, he revealed intentions to sacrifice 100 camels during Eid, with the meat to be distributed among deserving orphans.

The eligibility criteria for the free bakra initiative stipulate that goats will be allocated to orphaned children and individuals impacted by robbery. Distribution is slated to begin three days before Eid, with a tentative start date of June 14, contingent on Eid falling on June 17.

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