Monday, July 15, 2024

Budget 2024-25: Federal Govt Announces Health Insurance for Journalists

Ensuring the well-being of journalists and media professionals, the federal government has announced the provision of health insurance in Budget 2024-25. Addressing the press, Federal Minister for Information, Ata Tarar, emphasized that providing health insurance is a top priority for journalists and media workers.

“Journalists are an integral part of our society,” stated the Federal Minister for Information, highlighting the crucial role they play in strengthening democracy. He stressed that denying the importance of journalists’ roles for the robustness of democracy is simply not an option.

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The provision of health insurance for journalists marks a historic step, according to Ata Tarar. In the initial phase, 5,000 journalists and media workers will be provided with health insurance coverage. Subsequently, an additional 10,000 journalists and media workers will benefit from this facility in the second phase.

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