Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Canada warns citizens against all travel to Israel and Gaza

Canada has issued a heightened travel advisory, urging its citizens to refrain from traveling to Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. Foreign Minister Melanie Joly emphasized the increased risk of attacks on Israeli territory, prompting the government to elevate its risk assessment for the region.

Joly's statement, shared on social media platform X, advised Canadians currently in the area to consider departing using commercial means. The decision reflects the volatile security situation in the region, with the potential for further escalation without prior warning.

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"With a heightened risk of attacks on Israeli territory, the regional security situation remains highly volatile & could escalate without notice," Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said in a post Friday on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Previously, the Canadian government had cautioned against non-essential travel to the region. The updated advisory underscores the growing concerns over security risks and the need for heightened vigilance among travelers.

Countries including India, France, Poland and Russia have warned their citizens against travel to the region, already on edge over the war in Gaza, now in its seventh month. Germany on Friday called on its citizens to leave Iran.

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Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden echoed concerns about the security situation, expressing anticipation of potential Iranian attacks on Israel and cautioning Tehran against any aggressive actions.

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Mehboob Ali Shaikh
Mehboob Ali Shaikh
Mehboob Ali Sheikh, Bureau Chief of Canada's leading news channel, is a seasoned and experienced journalist whose expertise shines in business reports and current affairs programs. Mehboob Ali Sheikh is affiliated with Canada's renowned news and current affairs channel, Toronto 360. During his tenure in Canada, Ali Sheikh has interviewed some of the most significant political and business figures in Canada. He has been honored with accolades for his exemplary reporting by the Toronto Mayor's office.

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