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Explosion Rocks Fireworks Factory in India’s Madhya Pradesh, Killing 10 and Injuring Dozens

A tragic explosion at a fireworks factory in Harda, Madhya Pradesh, India, on Tuesday resulted in at least 10 fatalities and around 80 injuries, sending shockwaves through the region.

Immediately following the explosion, Indian media circulated images and videos capturing the towering flames engulfing the site, while dozens of ambulances rushed to evacuate the injured. Army helicopters were swiftly deployed for assistance.

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An employee from the Harda district factory, speaking anonymously due to lack of authorization, confirmed the death toll at seven and reported 65 injured individuals receiving treatment at local facilities, with an additional 10 referred to larger hospitals for urgent care.

Senior district officer Kailash Chand Parte, overseeing rescue operations, disclosed that around 15 fire engines were battling the blaze. He noted that eight individuals sustained severe injuries, emphasizing ongoing efforts to rescue those trapped and ascertain the final casualty count.

Parte further revealed that approximately 200 to 300 workers were present at the factory during the explosion, with uncertainty prevailing regarding the exact number trapped within the compound.

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The intensity of the blast caused extensive damage to nearly 10 surrounding buildings, exacerbating rescue efforts despite the deployment of 15 fire engines.

Tragically, such incidents are not uncommon in India, particularly in illicit fireworks factories.

Mohan Yadav, the state's chief minister, expressed deep sorrow over the incident and urged hospitals to prioritize burn victims while ensuring necessary precautions are taken.

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Raheel J.M
Raheel J.M
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