Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Faraz-Ur-Rehman in protest, steps down as President KATI, chairman PBG

Eminent business entrepreneur, stalwart of United Business Group (FPCCI), the president Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) and the patron in chief Pakistan Business Group Faraz-Ur-Rehman has stepped down as President KATI also relinquished as Patron-in-Chief PBG after viewing current economic situation and despite repeated referrals for trade and industrial key issues, surging cost of doing business, gas and electricity tariffs, the stakeholders are at the verge of business collapse.

“Country’s economic engine need fuel of patriotism, business fraternity could achieve the goal with unity, said Faraz-Ur-Rehaman during a packed press conference.

During the press briefing, Faraz said, “I am dispirited with the current economic situation; common man suffers and crave for a loaf of bread”.

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He further said that Karachi, being an economic hub, is the only hope. He urged the leaders of the nation for their own interest, not to destroy Karachi. Adding during his tenure, he delivered hardened efforts to awaken the decision-makers for a less privileged society and to uplift the economy for the sake of Pakistan.

Faraz-Ur-Rehman emphasized the nation to focus on the vision of Quaid-e-Azam. He said that he would continue to serve the business community even without any position. During the press conference, the outgoing President of KATI and the Patron-in-Chief PBG Faraz-Ur-Rehman nominated Nighat Awan, Senior Vice President of KATI as the Acting President KATI, who took charge with immediate effect, Muslim Mohamedi currently holding the position of Vice President has assumed the charge as Acting Senior Vice President. He also appointed Farhan Ur Rehman as the Chairman and Patron-In-Chief of the Pakistan Business Group Organization.

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