Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Fertilizer Review Committee Meeting Addresses Demand-Supply for Kharif Season

A review meeting of the Fertilizer Review Committee, chaired by Federal Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain of the Ministry of Industries & Production and Ministry of National Food Security & Research, convened to assess the demand and supply of Urea and DAP fertilizer for the upcoming Kharif season.

Federal Secretary of the Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Capt (R) Muhammad Asif, and Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Industries & Production, Mr. Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, were also present at the meeting.

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The committee discussed the rising demand for Urea fertilizer for the Kharif season of 2024, noting a 3.6% increase compared to the previous year. In response, Federal Minister Rana Tanveer emphasized the importance of ensuring the availability of Urea and DAP fertilizer to farmers.

The Ministry of Industries & Production is actively monitoring the availability and production of fertilizer in coordination with provincial governments. Minister Tanveer reaffirmed the government's commitment to agricultural welfare and development, stressing the utilization of all available resources.

Ensuring gas supply to fertilizer plants and prioritizing the increase in fertilizer production were highlighted as key objectives during the meeting. Minister Tanveer underscored the interdependence of industrial and agricultural development in driving the country's overall progress.

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