Wednesday, July 24, 2024

French Football Federation Under Fire for Ramadan Fast Rules

The French Football Federation has ignited controversy by refusing to permit Muslim players to break their Ramadan fast during evening matches, citing adherence to existing regulations.

In a recent statement, the federation informed all football clubs, referees, and match organizers of the decision, reiterating the prohibition against players breaking their fast during matches, a protocol also enforced last year.

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Contrary to practices in other countries like England and Germany, where players are allowed to resume matches after breaking their fast, the French Football Federation has opted not to make special provisions for Muslim players participating in French League 1 matches.

French media reported the reluctance of the president of the federation’s commission to renew recommendations, citing concerns over potential provocations. The federation stands firm on its decision, citing Article 1.1 to prevent any religious representations during matches.

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Junaid Iqbal
Junaid Iqbal
Junaid Iqbal is an accomplished sports journalist and author at Headline PK. With a passion for sports and a background in the industry, Junaid brings a unique perspective to his reporting.

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