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Global Entrepreneurship Conference at LUMS Fosters Innovation and Collaboration

LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship (LCE) partnered with IDEA Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the non-profit Umeed, to host a three-day global event from March 4 – 6, 2024. The MIT-LCE Global Entrepreneurship Conference at LUMS brought together a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, academics, students, investors, and influential figures.

Dr. Tariq Jadoon, Provost, LUMS, welcomed the guests, expressing, “This conference is a means of learning, sharing ideas, and experiences. We are honoured to have our colleagues from the US share their experiences for creating entrepreneurial ventures and creating value through ideas.”

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The event began with opening remarks from esteemed guests including, Ms. Dina H. Sherif, Executive Director, Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, MIT; Ms. Georgia Perakis, John C Head III Dean (Interim), and Ms. Johanna Hising DiFabio, Assistant Dean, Executive Degree Programs, MIT Sloan School of Management.

Furthermore, the Conference consisted of sessions by Mr. Hassan Ajwad Abbas, Vice President – Global CU Programme Management, Ericsson and CEO, Umeed; Mr. Roberto M. Fernandez, Professor Post Tenure, Organisation Studies, MIT Sloan School of Management; Mr. Humberto Lopez-Mata, Director International and Regulatory Affairs, Delta Air Lines; Ms. Aiman Khan, Senior Programme Manager, Bruce Power; Mr. Daniel Dart, Seed Investor and General Partner, Rock Yard Ventures; Mr. Thomas Westerling-Bui Chief Commercial Officer, AI Solutions & Strategy, Aiforia, and Mr. Humaira Shaikh Senior Manager, Branded Channels Retail Product Development, LEGO Group.

Ms. DiFabio commended the core MIT Executive MBA team for their instrumental role in organising the conference, stating, “The MIT Executive MBA team in Pakistan inspires me. They are committed to driving positive change by uplifting underprivileged communities and crafting innovative solutions, especially in Pakistan.”

Ms. Dina H. Sherif also shared her thoughts on the conference and the concept of IDEA Lab Pakistan, emphasizing, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation can play a very big role in creating prosperity, jobs, and the wealth that we need for our countries to rapidly grow. We want that growth to happen equitably and sustainably.”

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The sessions focused on IDEA-Lab Pakistan’s concept and big picture, art of idea generation, global strategy considerations, and the renewable energy revolution. Cultural dynamics, pitching for success, AI insights, and the innovation intersection between science and market needs were also discussed during the conference.

Mr. Ajwad remarked on this first-of-its-kind conference and Umeed’s future ambitions, stating, “The IDEA-Lab Pakistan offers a systemic model fostering the Deep Tech Innovation in Pakistan with a holistic ecosystem approach. We’d like this to be the beginning of a lasting partnership with MIT to create a reinforcing collaboration loop.”

The conference held special significance for the Tabeer Project, a capacity-building initiative by LCE and the US Department of State, uniting Business Incubation Centres (BICs) across universities in Punjab, Pakistan for a unique training and networking opportunity.

At the conclusion of the Conference, Prof. Nauman Zaffar, Director, LCE, stated, “This conference with our colleagues from MIT and our partners from BICs across Punjab has been a great start of our mission to build a comprehensive entrepreneurial network for collaborative learning and capacity building with local and international partners.”

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