Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Government Plans Further Increase in Gas Prices

The government is preparing to further increase prices for domestic consumers, fertilizer, CNG, and cement manufacturers.

According to sources, proposals are being considered to raise electricity bills by Rs100 to Rs400 for both protected and non-protected consumers.

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In a plan shared with the IMF mission, the government suggested not increasing gas prices for commercial roti tandoors. The IMF mission's economic team held discussions on tariffs, circular debt, and gas sector reforms. Sources revealed that three plans were presented to the IMF mission to address the circular debt of the gas sector.

Additionally, proposals were made to increase gas prices for fertilizer plants. Discussions also included a dividend scheme aimed at reducing the gas sector's circular debt. An agreement was reached to ensure timely sharing of data related to recoveries, reforms, and tariffs with the IMF.

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