Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Government Reassesses Pro Rata Meter Reading System Amid Consumer Complaints

The government is reassessing the pro rata meter reading system that has resulted in many electricity users being pushed out of the protected consumer category, despite their actual consumption being within the limit.

According to sources in the Ministry of Energy, the Power Division and relevant authorities are reviewing the system introduced in March 2023. A decision on its future is expected within days, Dawn newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“We are reviewing the pro rata system, considering the consumer complaints about overbilling,” disclosed a senior Ministry of Energy official.

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Data indicates that the percentage of domestic consumers under the protected category increased from 69.38% in April 2023 to 73.14% in April 2024 but dropped from 73.59% in May 2023 to 59.15% in June 2024.

Consumers have accused meter readers of providing incorrect reading dates, which has led to higher bills under the pro rata system. One consumer presented evidence of a meter reader noting the wrong reading date, resulting in being incorrectly pushed out of the protected category.

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