Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Governor Sindh Announces Free Google-Certified IT Courses for Thousands of Youth

Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori has announced that 50,000 young individuals in Karachi are currently receiving free IT education, and similar programs will be launched in Hyderabad next month, where over 26,000 young people have already registered.

Speaking at the "School in a New Light" event organized by Tech Valley Pakistan, Governor Tessori emphasized the critical need for an equitable education system. The event was attended by key figures, including Umar Farooq from Tech Valley Pakistan and the Chief Operating Officer of Beaconhouse School.

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Governor Tessori revealed that discussions have been held with Umar Farooq to ensure that students completing IT courses at Governor House receive Google certification. He urged philanthropists and sponsors to support this initiative, emphasizing its importance.

The Governor highlighted that students enrolled in IT courses at Governor House have started earning in dollars monthly, just six months into the program. He expressed plans to extend these IT courses to other cities after Karachi and Hyderabad.

The Governor underscored that this initiative aims to equip young people with modern technological skills, providing them with opportunities in the global job market. This effort is expected to significantly improve the economic conditions of the participating youth.

Governor Tessori stressed that these IT courses are a vital step in aligning the youth with contemporary technology trends, enhancing their employment prospects globally.

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Izaan Zubair
Izaan Zubair
With a passion and curiosity for technology, Izaan is a seasoned writer with four years of experience. His expertise lies in translating complex tech updates into engaging stories. Beyond technology, Izaan keeps a finger on the pulse of worldly news, crafting exclusive narratives that inform and inspire his readers.
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