Tuesday, May 28, 2024

HEC’s Alleged Missteps: UK Visit Triggers Calls for Accountability and Transparency

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that the Federal Higher Education Commission (HEC) recently planned a visit to the United Kingdom under the guise of a training trip. What makes this visit controversial is the alleged violation of merit and transparency, with accusations of favoritism and exclusion of key stakeholders.

According to sources close to the matter, Regional Director of HEC Sindh, Noor Amna Malik, along with Director General of Learning and Innovation, orchestrated the inclusion of Vice Chancellors from two private universities in the UK visit. This inclusion raised eyebrows as it involved institutions, including one that is relatively new in establishment.

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The Vice Chancellor of Dewan University, Dr. Aurangzeb Khan, and the Vice Chancellor of Paper-limited Safi University, Wasim Qazi, were reportedly included in the delegation without proper disclosure or invitation to other universities, leading to concerns of unfair treatment and favoritism.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that Regional Director Sindh, Javed Memon, played a pivotal role in adding these names to the delegation, particularly highlighting the controversial inclusion of Dr. Waseem Qazi, who was recently dismissed from the post of Vice Chancellor at Iqra University.

In another contentious move, the recently appointed Vice Chancellor of Federal Urdu University, who was expected to address university issues promptly, is also part of this visit to the UK, marking his second overseas trip since assuming office.

The decision to accommodate the delegatian members, which includes Vice Chancellors from various universities such as Veterinary University, Bakhsh University Jamshoro, University of Karachi, Liaquat Medical University Jamshoro, among others, in the luxurious Holiday Inn hotel in London has raised concerns about the judicious use of public funds.

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HEC's actions have sparked serious reservations within academic circles, with calls for transparency, fairness, and accountability in such official visits. The controversy surrounding this UK trip is likely to deepen as more details emerge regarding the decision-making process and the motivations behind the delegation composition.

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Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza is a senior journalist from Karachi. He has served more than twenty years in journalism. He was recently associated with the dunya media group as a senior business reporter from the last eleven years . Prior to that he has worked for CNBC for the period of four years. His major beats were the energy auto banking and agriculture sector . He has covered many seminars and exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad as well .
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