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Honoring the Resilience and Dedication of Pakistan International Airlines’ Employees

A Personal Reflection by - Tabassum Pardesi

As Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) prepares for privatization, it's essential to acknowledge the extraordinary resilience and dedication of its employees, a sentiment that I personally came to appreciate during my tenure with the airline.

Initially, like many outsiders, I might have been inclined to criticize PIA, echoing common sentiments about national airlines. However, my perspective shifted dramatically once I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the challenging environment in which PIA's Middle and junior level employees operate and the remarkable resilience they display.

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During my time with PIA, I had the privilege of observing the unwavering commitment of its employees, who faced adversity with determination and grace. Despite the myriad challenges they encountered—from logistical hurdles to external pressures—every member of the PIA team demonstrated a remarkable capacity to adapt, innovate, and persevere.

What struck me most was the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that permeated the organization. Regardless of their roles or responsibilities, PIA employees approached their work with a sense of pride and professionalism that was truly inspiring. Whether in the cockpit, the cabin, or on the ground, they worked tirelessly to uphold the airline's standards of safety, reliability, and customer service.

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It would be remiss not to acknowledge the challenges and difficult environment that many PIA employees faced—a reality exacerbated by decisions made by top management, who often prioritized their own interests above those of the airline and its employees. Despite these obstacles, PIA's middle and junior workforce remained steadfast, refusing to be deterred from their commitment to excellence.

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As an outsider who had the privilege of working alongside PIA's dedicated workforce, I gained a newfound appreciation for the challenges they face and the sacrifices they make to keep the airline running smoothly.

Their resilience and hard work, often in the face of adversity, are a testament to their unwavering dedication to their profession and to PIA's mission.

As PIA enters a new chapter with privatization, it's important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of its employees. Their resilience, adaptability, and commitment have been instrumental in sustaining the airline through turbulent times and ensuring its continued success.

While the future may bring changes and uncertainties, one thing is certain: the legacy of PIA's employees will endure as a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and the human spirit. As we bid farewell to one era and welcome the next, let us extend our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable individuals who have made PIA more than just an airline but a symbol of national pride and resilience.

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Tabassum Pardesi
Tabassum Pardesi
Tabassum achieved remarkable milestones throughout her career, including being the first female founder and owner of an airline, Skywise Airline. Currently, she serves as the co-founder of Uprise.Group, which includes Uprise.Markets, Uprise.Africa, and Uprise.Aviation. Her exceptional leadership skills and expertise have earned her recognition and prestigious awards, such as the Inspiring 50 Women in STEM and the International Finance Award for Best New Online Platform for Investment.
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