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Indian Music Triumphs at 2024 Grammys: Shakti and Zakir Hussain Sweep Awards

Indian music achieved unprecedented success at the 2024 Grammy Awards as fusion ensemble Shakti and tabla maestro Zakir Hussain stole the spotlight, clinching multiple prestigious awards.

Shakti’s triumphant return with their album “This Moment” after over four decades earned them the coveted title of Best Global Music Album.

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Comprised of musical virtuosos Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, John McLaughlin, Ganesh Rajagopalan, and Selvaganesh Vinayakram, the group’s win sparked jubilation within the Indian music community.

Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain emerged as a true luminary, securing an impressive three Grammy Awards. His contributions to the album “This Moment” were honored, while his solo performances in “Pashto” earned him the Best Global Music Performance award.

Additionally, his collaborative effort in “As We Speak” alongside Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Rakesh Chaurasia, resulted in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album accolade, solidifying his status as a musical icon.

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The Indian music fraternity erupted in celebration, with AR Rahman capturing the moment with a joyous selfie alongside Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, and V Selvaganesh. Rahman’s Instagram post reflected the collective pride, hailing the remarkable achievements of the Grammy-winning artists.

Shankar Mahadevan, accompanied by Ganesh Rajagopalan and Selvaganesh Vinayakram, expressed his heartfelt gratitude during the acceptance speech, dedicating the win to his wife and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain.

The elation was echoed by three-time Grammy winner Ricky Kej, who hailed the triumph as “India’s year at the Grammys.” He applauded the outstanding performances of Rakesh Chaurasia and the historic triple victory of Zakir Hussain, affirming India’s shining presence on the global music stage.

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Zainab Malik
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