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Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Resigns Over Failure to Prevent Hamas Attack

Major General Aharon Haliva, the head of the Israeli military's intelligence directorate, tendered his resignation on Monday, taking responsibility for lapses that led to a major Hamas attack on October 7.

Major General Haliva's resignation marks a rare move, as he becomes the first senior official to step down in the wake of the alarming Hamas assault, which caught Israel and the world off guard.

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The Israeli military released a statement confirming Haliva's decision, stating, "In coordination with the chief of the general staff, Major General Aharon Haliva has requested to end his position, following his leadership responsibility as the head of the intelligence directorate for the events of October 7."

The statement further outlined that Haliva will retire from the IDF once his successor is appointed, ensuring a smooth transition process.

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In his resignation letter, Haliva accepted responsibility for the failure to prevent the attack, expressing remorse for the loss of lives and the pain inflicted on the nation. He acknowledged the shortcomings of the intelligence division under his command and the heavy burden he carries in the aftermath of the tragic incident.

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The October 7 attack resulted in the loss of 1,170 lives, predominantly civilians, according to official Israeli figures. In response, Israel intensified its efforts to combat Hamas, launching a vigorous offensive against the Gaza-based terrorist organization.

The military campaign in Gaza has since claimed the lives of at least 34,097 individuals, with the majority being women and children, as reported by the Palestinian health ministry.

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Aarav Joshi
Aarav Joshi
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