Monday, June 17, 2024

Jamat-e-Islami member seeks action against KE CEO

Mohammad Farooq, a member of the Sindh Assembly representing Jamat-e-Islami, has called for disciplinary action against K-Electric's CEO, Moonis Alvi, accusing him and his company of being adversaries to the people of Sindh.

Farooq, also a Sindh Assembly member, raised concerns over what he described as inappropriate behavior towards him during a parliamentary session. He urged the assembly to form a special committee to address Alvi's conduct and take strict punitive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, safeguarding the assembly's dignity.

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Farooq emphasized that Alvi's alleged disrespect not only undermines his status as an elected member but also challenges the sanctity of the Sindh Assembly. He further expressed his dismay over the deteriorating power situation in Karachi, citing a recent session chaired by Naseer Hussain Shah, the provincial Minister for Energy and Planning Development.

During the session, leaders from all political parties in the assembly expressed dissatisfaction with K-Electric's performance, particularly in light of ongoing load shedding issues.

Moonis Alvi's reported response to Farooq during the assembly session triggered the demand for immediate action against him for violating regulations established under the NEPRA Act of 1997.

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