Tuesday, May 28, 2024

JI Karachi Chief Rejects Proposal for Cheaper Electricity, Opting for Protests Against K-Electric

During a press conference in Karachi, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) interim chief Munim Zafar Khan dismissed a suggestion to obtain a power distribution license under Alkhidmat Foundation, opting instead to announce protests against K-Electric.

Despite suggestions to leverage JI's philanthropic arm for cheaper electricity, Zafar emphasized protests and hinted at sit-ins. The move drew criticism, with reminders of past opportunities for collaboration with NEPRA also being ignored.

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Zafar criticized KE's services, citing persistent load shedding and excessive billing. However, a KE spokesperson defended the company's performance, highlighting investments and efforts.

In a press statement earlier received on the day, K-Electric (KE) highlighted their ongoing efforts to combat power theft and ensure electrical infrastructure safety. They emphasized regular actions against illegal power usage, conducting over 24,000 kunda removal drives since the start of fiscal year 2023-24. Despite challenges, 71 percent of KE's feeder network remains load shed free, with efforts ongoing to address power theft and non-payment issues.

Meanwhile, as the demand for electricity continues to surge worldwide, efforts to promote solar energy are gaining momentum.

Many countries are installing model solar farms in rural areas. In Pakistan, record-breaking declines in solar panel prices are making affordable solar systems accessible to the public. Private organizations can establish model solar villages in urban and rural areas, encouraging communities to transition towards alternative energy sources.

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