Monday, June 17, 2024

JS Momentum Factor ETF: Redefining Investment Landscape in Pakistan

JS Investments announces the remarkable success of the JS Momentum Factor ETF, Pakistan's first Smart Beta ETF. Launched in 2021, the JS Momentum Factor ETF represents a groundbreaking advancement in investment strategies. It employs a rules-based methodology to select stocks based on their momentum scores, thereby reducing the influence of human bias.

The JS Momentum Factor ETF has demonstrated outstanding performance, consistently outperforming the KSE All-Share index by six percent annually from 2001 to 2021. This confirms the strategy's effectiveness in Pakistan's market.

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The JS Momentum Factor ETF has outperformed major indices, stock funds, and ETFs, delivering exceptional returns to investors. As of May 17th, 2024, it has provided a remarkable return of 129%+, showcasing its ability to generate substantial value even in volatile market conditions.

Ms. Iffat Mankani, CEO of JS Investments, affirms, “In a market landscape often perceived as skewed in favor of large investors and marked by manipulations, the exceptional performance of the JS Momentum Factor ETF stands as a testament to our robust investment strategy. Our approach has consistently disproven the notion that financial markets are complex and unpredictable, often to the disadvantage of the average investor. By leveraging a meticulously crafted single-factor strategy focusing on momentum, we have not only competed but excelled, outpacing traditional market benchmarks and offering substantial returns to our investors. This success underscores our unwavering commitment to democratizing investment opportunities in Pakistan, making it clear that with the right strategy and professional guidance, even small investors can achieve significant financial growth and security."

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Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza is a senior journalist from Karachi. He has served more than twenty years in journalism. He was recently associated with the dunya media group as a senior business reporter from the last eleven years . Prior to that he has worked for CNBC for the period of four years. His major beats were the energy auto banking and agriculture sector . He has covered many seminars and exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad as well .
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