Friday, April 19, 2024

KE to shut Gadap, Memon Goth Grids for maintenance

KE will be undertaking a critical maintenance activity at Gadap and Memon Goth Grids today (Thursday), January 11, 2024, to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply to consumers residing in these areas.

The activity requires a shutdown from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM for Gadap and Memon Goth Grids, during which there may be temporary interruption of supply in areas connected to the above-mentioned Grid. Comparing maintenance and technical faults to loadshedding is unfair. Areas of Gadap Grid that may experience power shutdown during the maintenance activity are:

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Bahria Town M-9 Deh Langheji, Rao Gohram Goth, Hub Dam, AO Farm, Haji Faqeer Mohammed Goth, Sain Rakhio Goth, Haji Mangio Goth, Ishaq Baloch Goth, Radha Goth, Sagar Farm, Mulla Arzi Goth, Ghulam Muhammad goth, Tamachi Goth, Pub Mali, Chota Gate, Adam Gabol Goth, Abdul Kareem Gabol Goth, Baqai College, Sehre Madina, Poultry State, Faiz Mohammad Gabol Goth, Doda Gabol Goth, Gohar Nayab, Wahid Gabol Goth, Ghulam Muhammad Goth, KDA Cattle Farm, Sattar Fam, Agha Shahi, Hindu Muhallah, Gadap City, Public School, Haji Majnoo Goth, Hussain Baloch Goth, Soomarani Goth, Haji Goth, Haji Mureed Goth, Lassi Muhallah, Dagar Stop, Koncar Stop, Ghajan Goth, Ali Gabol Goth, Haji Achaar Goth, Nabi Buksh Goth, Allah Bachaya Goth, Haji Jabli Goth, Dost Mohammed Khaskheli Goth, Arib Rind, Bijar Gabol Goth, Allah Jurio Goth, Faqir Jokhio Goth, Chanesar Goth, Khamiso Goth, Al-Momin Society, PTV Booster, Organic Meat, Jumani Goth, Abdur Rehman Goth, Ali Muhammad Khaskheli Goth, Haji Ramzan Goth, Gohram Mengal, Muhammad Ali Goth, Shah Farm, Jumani Goth, Ghulam Ali Goth, Al-Jannat Farms, Angara Goth, and Bahadur Goth. Areas of Memon Goth Grid that may experience power shutdown during the maintenance activity are Murad Memon Goth, Deh Mal, Damlottee Road, Khayaban-e-Muhammad Malir, Gulshan-e-Harooni, S-2, D-4, D-3, H-Area, S-1, C-Area, Alam Nagar, Indus Mehran, D-2, Saudabad, Liaquat Market Malir, Burhani Garden, Yousuf Nagar, Roman City, Burhani Town Malir, Mulla Essa Goth, Jam Goth, A-Area, B-Area, C-Area, Bachal Goth, Mominabad Phase-L, Noor Afshan Society, Qadir Baksh Goth, Wario Jokhio Goth Malir, Deh Chohar, Deh Amilano, Deh Kotero, Deh Kathore, Deh Darsano, Link Road, M-9 (Old Super Highway), Razzaque Goth, Ibrahim Goth, Nabi Bux Goth, Ghafoor Jokhio Goth, Uc Khakhro, Bukhshani Goth, Lal Bux Khachilo, Chutta Goth, Kamal Bikak, Dair Sharif, Wali Dad Salar Goth, Well No.6, Well No.7 & Well No.8 Areas, and Samandari Baba Memon Goth.

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Zubair Yaqoob
Zubair Yaqoob
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