Wednesday, July 24, 2024

KW&SC issues deadline for groundwater applications, officials nominated for compliance

Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation (KW&SC) has announced the final dates for submitting applications under the Groundwater Regulation 2024. Applicants in various sectors must adhere to the specified deadlines to avoid disqualification, according to KW&SC officials.

Under the new regulations, all interested parties using groundwater must submit their applications by the designated dates. Category A applicants must submit their forms by July 30th, Category B by July 20th, and Categories C, D, and E by August 10th, 2024.

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KW&SC officials have emphasized strict adherence to these deadlines, stating that applications received after the cutoff dates will not be considered. KW&SC reaffirmed its commitment to transparency and compliance with regulations, vowing not to issue licenses to any entity with a history of legal infractions.

A dedicated task force has been established to crack down on illegal groundwater use, targeting unauthorized connections, boreholes, and storage tanks. Offenders will face fines up to Rs 50 lakh and legal action under the new Water Corporation Act.

Following a public notice issued on June 27, 2024, KW&SC has already received 65 applications, including 7 in Category A, 57 in Category B, and 1 in Category C. Each application will undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure compliance with all stipulated guidelines. Furthermore, KW&SC has reached out to the industrial sector through detailed correspondence, appointing focal persons for various committees.

Khalid Farooqui, Hasnain Abbas, and Obaid Ur Rahim have been nominated as members of the Ground Water Committees for different industrial zones, tasked with overseeing regulatory compliance.

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13 days ago

Failing to provide piped water KWSC is now after sub soil water users.

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