Monday, July 15, 2024

KW&SC, Rangers crack down on water theft racket

Joint operation conducted by the Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation and Pakistan Rangers, an illegal water conduit, measuring 48 inches, located in Shah Faisal Town, Jamia Goth, was demolished.

The operation, which included Anti-Theft Cell Muhammad Dalawar, Marza Abid Rahman, and Asghar Yaqoob among other officials and Pakistan Rangers, revealed that the illegal conduit, seized on Water Corporation’s land, was the source of an extensive water theft network.

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Operating under the cover of darkness, the water mafia had been stealing 10 million gallons of water daily through illegal tankers, robbing citizens of their rightful share and causing the Water Corporation monthly losses in the millions.

According to the Anti-Theft Cell, the neighborhoods severely affected by water theft due to the halting of this conduit included Shah Faisal Colony, Rafah-e-Aam, Shamsi Society, Green Town, Korangi, PFB Faisal, and Staff Colony. The officials further explained that the Water Corporation and Pakistan Rangers traced the network of the water theft mafia and seized the equipment used in water theft for further investigation.

Legal actions under the Water Corporation Act have been initiated against those involved, and cases have been registered at the relevant police stations.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO of the Water Corporation, Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, stated that no matter how influential or powerful the water thief might be, they will not be spared. Water belongs only to the citizens, and water thieves will not be allowed to steal the citizens’ share.

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Meanwhile, with the assistance of Pakistan Rangers, numerous illegal hydrants and unauthorized connections have been severed across the city.

Ahmed further added that indiscriminate actions against water thieves will continue throughout the city, and the historic operations against the water theft mafia will persist until all illegal connections are eliminated citywide.

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1 month ago

Incomplete news. How many arrested? What equipment seized? Theft on such a massive scale can not be conducted without the connivance of KWSC officials & staff.

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