Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Maldives will ban Israelis from entering the country over the war in Gaza

President Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives has announced a ban on Israeli passports, citing solidarity with Palestine amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict.

The decision was confirmed by a spokesperson for the President's office, who provided no specific details on when the ban would be implemented.

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President Muizzu also launched a national fundraising campaign titled "Maldivians in Solidarity with Palestine" in support of the Palestinian cause.

The Maldives had previously lifted a ban on Israeli tourists in the early 1990s and attempted to restore relations in 2010. However, efforts towards normalization were hindered following the ousting of President Mohamed Nasheed in February 2012.

Pressure from opposition parties and government allies has led to President Muizzu's decision to ban Israelis as a symbolic protest against the Gaza war.

Official data revealed a significant decline in the number of Israeli visitors to the Maldives, with only 528 recorded in the first four months of this year, representing an 88 percent decrease compared to the same period last year.

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Aarav Joshi
Aarav Joshi
Aarav Joshi is a seasoned content writer with a passion for covering worldly and international news stories. His journey in journalism began as a reporter for the BBC, where he honed his skills in researching and crafting compelling narratives. He has also contributed articles to 'The Times of India,' one of India's leading newspapers, delving into diverse topics ranging from politics and economics to culture and human interest stories.
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