Friday, May 24, 2024

Murtuza Solangi Urges Journalists to Embrace Digital Trends

Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, emphasized the need for journalists to align themselves with the latest global trends in technology and media to ensure a secure economic future. Speaking at a condolence reference organized in memory of the late journalist Pervaiz Shaukat at the Press Information Department in Islamabad, Solangi stressed the pivotal role of digital media in shaping the industry's future.

Solangi underscored the importance of establishing digital institutions equipped with advanced editorial systems and specialized focus, recognizing digital media as a cornerstone of modern journalism. He emphasized the significance of specialization within journalism, noting that those who pursued specific fields within the profession often achieved success and garnered recognition.

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Furthermore, the Information Minister called for the skill development of journalists in both technological advancements and specialized areas of journalism, highlighting the importance of adapting to evolving industry standards.

In tribute to the late Journalist Pervaiz Shaukat's extensive contributions spanning over four decades, Solangi praised Shaukat's advocacy for journalists' economic rights, including his efforts at platforms like the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Raheel J.M
Raheel J.M
Raheel, a Karachi-based reporter, is at the forefront of political journalism, providing insightful coverage that transcends the bustling landscape of Pakistan's political sphere. With an unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and comprehensive news, Raheel's work is marked by a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics shaping the political landscape.

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