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Murad extols historic Pak-Iran ties during presidential welcome

Sindh CM advocates regional cooperation, urges unity on Palestine, Kashmir

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah remarked on the longstanding ties between Pakistan and Iran, highlighting the significance of commencing the journey of regional development from the land of Sindh.

He expressed these sentiments during a grand and dignified ceremony held at the Chief Minister House to welcome the esteemed Iranian President, HE Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi. Shah emphasized the honor he felt in welcoming President Raisi, a longstanding friend and benefactor of Pakistan.

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Acknowledging the historical relations between the two nations, Shah extended warm regards from the people of Sindh to President Raisi and his accompanying delegation. He emphasized the deep-rooted religious, academic, cultural, and economic bonds between Pakistan and Iran, which have strengthened over time.

Shah underscored the pivotal roles played by leaders such as Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in nurturing the ties between Pakistan and Iran. He also lauded President Asif Ali Zardari's consistent support for Iran and emphasized the importance of Pakistan Peoples Party's efforts in highlighting the significance of Pakistan-Iran friendship.

Furthermore, Syed Murad Ali Shah stressed the necessity for regional progress through collaboration among all nations, emphasizing the crucial need for cooperation in addressing issues like terrorism, illegal trade, climate change, and the escalating injustices in Palestine and Kashmir. He urged unity among Muslims to support their Palestinian brethren in their time of need.

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Regarding the Kashmir and Palestine issues, Shah reaffirmed Pakistan's firm stance on advocating for immediate ceasefire in Gaza and resolving the plight of oppressed Kashmiris in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

Expressing gratitude for Iran's unwavering support, Shah emphasized the importance of enhancing relations between the two countries. He assured President Raisi of Sindh's commitment to strengthening educational, cultural, social, and economic ties with Iran, as well as creating a conducive environment for trade and investment.

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Murad Shah concluded by inviting Iranian brothers and sisters to explore investment opportunities in Sindh, emphasizing the region's safe and attractive investment climate. He expressed hope that the journey of regional progress would commence from the soil of Sindh.

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In a heartfelt message conveyed in Persian, Shah assured President Raisi that the hearts and minds of the Pakistani people would always remain open to him.

The ceremony at the Chief Minister House was attended by over 900 distinguished guests, including provincial ministers, chief secretary, IG police, provincial secretaries, educationists, experts from various fields, prominent industrialists, and members of civil society. President Raisi delivered a historic address at the event, marking a significant moment in the Pakistan-Iran relationship.

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