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NIMA initiates IOSC to scour into geo-strategic, economic aspects of IOR

President of the National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA), Vice Admiral (Retd) Ahmed Saeed HI (M) has said that NIMA is the premier and only think tank in Pakistan that was established as per the directions the Government of Pakistan directions in 2007 as National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR).

Renamed as National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) in 2018 with enhanced mandate, the organization over the period of time has evolved as an internationally acclaimed center of excellence. During the annual dinner hosted by the National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) to honor Maritime stakeholders in Karachi. Heads of various organizations from shipping, mercantile trade, chamber of commerce, fisheries, academia, ports and harbors, ship breaking & recycling, media sectors, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency attended the event. The dinner was aimed to apprise the honorable dignitaries regarding the working of the National Institute of Maritime Affairs and to highlight the Institute’s achievements and contributions towards maritime research.

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Ahmed Saeed said that the NIMA strictly adheres to the core values of the organization which are, objectivity, excellence, originality, impartiality, authenticity, and innovation. Additionally, NIMA is acting as a bridge to plug in communication gaps between maritime stakeholders to ensure the efficiency of efforts and resources. Moreover, NIMA's scope and mandate have undergone significant expansion with a primary focus on revitalizing the maritime sector through an emphasis on the Blue Economy. This strategic shift is complemented by NIMA's active role as a member of the National Security Committee Advisory Board to contribute valuable insights towards maritime policy.

Vice Admiral (Retd) Ahmed Saeed further mentioned that NIMA has also elevated its international engagements, reflecting a broader commitment to global maritime affairs. In this regard, a dedicated initiative is the establishment of the Indian Ocean Study Centre (IOSC) which is aimed at delving into the geo-strategic and geo-economic aspects of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Furthermore, a separate center named Blue Economy Research Centre (BERC) has also been established to have focused research in the field of Blue Economy. Additionally, the NIMA has also been mandated to contribute towards emerging diplomatic needs by facilitating diplomacy, thus, further solidifying the NIMA's role in diplomatic initiatives beyond traditional channels.

During the year 2023, NIMA has successfully conducted various events in terms of policy-level input including more than nine mega projects. Furthermore, twelve research reports were also produced in the year 2023. Additionally, NIMA conducted various conferences, seminars, webinars, Round Table Conferences, and focused talk sessions on various topics related to the maritime sector. In the end, President NIMA once again thanked all the esteemed guests for their participation and for making the event a success, President NIMA added.

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While expressing their views, the maritime stakeholders expressed their satisfaction with the working of NIMA. They reiterated their resolve to work in collaboration with all concerned for the betterment of the maritime sector and the economy of Pakistan. Muhamad Ali Rajpar, Managing Director, General Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd. appreciated the conduct of the event and suggested that a specific percentage of the terminal operator’s earnings may be dedicated for the conduct of research activities by NIMA.

Managing Director Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Rear Admiral Salman Ilyas HI(M) briefly apprised the house regarding the working of KS&EW and informed the house that KS&EW is ready to contribute towards the development of the maritime sector by the construction of low-cost ships, boats/ vessels as per the requirement of all stakeholders. Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh, President of KCCI expressed his satisfaction over the working of NIMA and assured all-out support by the business community of Karachi for the uplift of Pakistan’s maritime sector. Aasim Azim Siddiqui, Chairman All Pakistan Shipping Association reiterated his support for the conduct of maritime research by NIMA. Finally, Diam Ali Shah, President Aquaculture Farmers Association appreciated the efforts of NIMA to bring all maritime stakeholders to one table and that this event will surely contribute towards the overall development of Pakistan’s maritime sector.

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