Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Nimra Mehra named Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for February 2024

In continuation of its efforts to showcase some of the most talented female voices from the country, Spotify has announced Nimra Mehra as the EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for February 2024.

Nimra, a rising star in the Pakistani music scene, has her track “Je Pata Hunda” featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist for the month. The track is one of her standout melodies dominating the Top Viral Pakistan chart since December 2023.

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With a staggering 111,000 monthly listeners, Nimra Mehra has become a musical sensation, captivating audiences not only in Pakistan but also globally. Her top countries of listenership include India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, showcasing the international appeal of her soulful voice.

I see my appointment as the EQUAL Ambassador for February as a chance to uplift women in Pakistan’s artist community”, said Nimra, talking about what the opportunity means to her. “It’s about promoting inclusivity and breaking barriers. In a society where women artists face challenges, this recognition is vital for fostering equality and empowering women to embrace their talents and voices”, she added further.

Nimra, known for her beautiful voice, made her television debut in 2014 on a popular local talent show’s first season, marking the beginning of a remarkable musical journey.

Listen to Nimra Mehra’s tracks on Spotify here.

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Zainab Malik
Zainab Malik
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