Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Olympian Khawaja Junaid Appointed Focal Person on Sports

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme has announced the appointment of Olympian Khawaja Junaid as the Focal Person on Sports, marking a strategic move to bolster the promotion of sports and physical activities among Pakistan's youth.

Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan, emphasized the government’s dedication to sports development through this significant appointment. Khawaja Junaid, a well-respected figure in the sports community and an accomplished Olympian, brings a wealth of experience and a profound passion for fostering athletic excellence.

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In his new role, Junaid will spearhead initiatives aimed at encouraging youth participation in diverse sports, nurturing a culture of sporting prowess and healthy living. Chairman Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan hailed the appointment as a pivotal step towards enhancing sports programs and initiatives, citing Junaid's extensive experience and commitment to the field.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the role, Khawaja Junaid affirmed his dedication to contributing to Pakistan's sports development, aiming to empower young athletes to reach their full potential. He pledged to work towards building a vibrant sports culture that brings pride to the nation.

Chairman Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan expressed confidence in Junaid's leadership, envisioning a thriving sports ecosystem under his guidance. He anticipated the emergence of a new generation of talented athletes who would represent Pakistan with distinction on both national and international platforms.

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Junaid Iqbal
Junaid Iqbal
Junaid Iqbal is an accomplished sports journalist and author at Headline PK. With a passion for sports and a background in the industry, Junaid brings a unique perspective to his reporting.
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