Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Overseas Pakistanis Remit $8 Billion via Roshan Digital Account in Four Years

Data released by the State Bank reveals a remarkable milestone: overseas Pakistanis have remitted over $8 billion through the Roshan Digital Account platform within just four years of its launch.

Launched by the State Bank in mid-2020, the Roshan Digital Account initiative has seen exponential growth, reaching the $8 billion mark in remittances as of May 24.

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The platform has gained widespread popularity among overseas Pakistanis, with more than 700,000 individuals opening Roshan Digital Accounts. This surge in accounts underscores the platform's appeal, offering a seamless way for Pakistanis abroad to transact and invest back home.

The substantial influx of remittances highlights the trust and confidence of overseas Pakistanis in the Roshan Digital Account platform, providing them with convenient and secure channels for sending money and exploring investment opportunities within Pakistan.

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