Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Pakistan’s Animated Masterpiece Shines at 77th Cannes Film Festival

The 77th Cannes Film Festival witnessed a groundbreaking moment for Pakistan's film industry as Ingenuity Productions prepares to unveil its 3D-animated feature film, 'The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar,' at the prestigious event.

Set to be showcased online at the Cannes Film Market through Marche Du Film’s B2B video-on-demand service Cinando, the film marks a significant milestone for Pakistani cinema.

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Haris Basharat, CEO of Ingenuity Productions, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The online presence of our film at the Cannes Film Market is a testament to Pakistan's emerging storytelling talent and cinematic excellence."

For Pakistanis worldwide, it's a moment of pride as Karachi-based Ingenuity Productions earns recognition at Cannes with its captivating 3D-animated feature film, inspired by the epic tale of Tilism e Hoshruba. 'The Chronicles of Umro Ayyar' promises an exhilarating adventure fantasy, following the legendary trickster hero Umro Ayyar through time and magical realms.

Beyond its fantastical allure, the film delves into universal themes of connection and selflessness. Alongside this animated masterpiece, Ingenuity Productions is also developing 'Science Voyagers,' a 3D animated series featuring a curious boy's time-traveling escapades to meet historical scientific figures.

Furthermore, the company has produced two 2D animated series: 'Aria and the Magic Jungle,' focusing on environmental awareness, and 'Yolki and Hatch,' centered around childhood development. "We aim to showcase the potential of the Pakistani animation industry on the global stage. With our film's stunning visuals and compelling narrative, we are confident of captivating audiences worldwide," affirmed Haris Basharat, CEO of Ingenuity Productions.

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Zainab Malik
Zainab Malik
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