Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PAKSAT-MM1 will transform the country into Digital Pakistan: Ahsan Iqbal

In a monumental collaboration between Pakistan and China, a new satellite project, PAKSAT-MM1, has been launched, marking a significant milestone in their enduring partnership. Minister Ahsan Iqbal expressed enthusiasm, stating, "With this satellite project, we are taking our relationship to new heights, literally touching space."

The satellite, equipped with SBAS (Pakistan Space Based Augmentation System), positions Pakistan as the 11th country globally to have its own SBAS, underscoring its technological prowess. Minister Iqbal lauded the efforts of scientists and engineers, emphasizing their role in catapulting Pakistan into a new digital era.

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This initiative aligns with Ahsan Iqbal's 5E framework, emphasizing economic revival through areas like e-Pakistan, recognizing the transformative potential of information technology.

During his visit to China, Minister Iqbal met key officials, including Vice President Lin Yiming of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), further cementing collaboration in satellite technology. The project aims to bridge the digital divide in Pakistan, providing essential services to underserved communities.

Minister Iqbal highlighted the launch's significance within the framework of CPEC, emphasizing its role in furthering bilateral cooperation. He proposed the establishment of a research center in Pakistan by CASC, fostering collaboration with local talent.

Ahead of the satellite launch, Minister Iqbal emphasized the fruitful partnership between SUPARCO Pakistan and the Chinese Aerospace Industry, underlining the project's culmination of diligent teamwork and cooperation.

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