Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Panda Mart plans to expand nationwide 

Panda Mart has expressed its intention to expand Panda Marts across the country this year. Currently, there are 37 Panda Marts in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Hyderabad.

During the visit of journalists to Panda Mart in Karachi, it was told that with the expansion of Panda Marts across the country, new employment opportunities will also be created, at this time Panda Mart is providing direct and indirect employment opportunities to hundreds of people.

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Panda Mart is a one-stop shop, where all the favorite brands of the customers are available. Panda Mart provides customers with free delivery of daily necessities, pharmacy, electronics, fresh milk, fruits and vegetables and other items.

But attractive discount is also provided on daily basis. The nationwide network of Panda Mart stores caters to the majority of the urban population. All Panda Mart orders can also be paid online with credit or debit cards, which is playing a role in financial inclusion.

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Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza
Mazhar Ali Raza is a senior journalist from Karachi. He has served more than twenty years in journalism. He was recently associated with the dunya media group as a senior business reporter from the last eleven years . Prior to that he has worked for CNBC for the period of four years. His major beats were the energy auto banking and agriculture sector . He has covered many seminars and exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad as well .
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