Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PDMA Urges Preparedness: Karachi to Witness 100% Increase in Monsoon Rains

Salman Shah, Director General of the Sindh Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), issued a stern warning to concerned departments, including the Karachi Commissioner, KMC, and KDA, stressing the importance of emergency preparedness as Karachi anticipates over 100% of normal monsoon rains from July to August.

In a meeting chaired by the Commissioner Karachi to address monsoon preparedness, DG Salman Shah highlighted the projected increase in rainfall and emphasized the need for proactive measures.

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"With an anticipated 100% increase in rainfall from July to August, it's imperative that emergency plans are in place," stated Salman Shah. PDMA also identified 29 out of 198 slope areas in Karachi as particularly sensitive to the monsoon's impact.

Responding to the warning, the Karachi Commissioner instructed agencies to develop contingency plans to mitigate the impact of heavy rains on the city. "Preparation is key for KMC, KDA, TMSE, and others," emphasized the Commissioner, cautioning that unpreparedness could lead to significant losses for the city.

The urgency for preparedness comes in the wake of Karachi's experience during the 2020 monsoon, where the city faced record-breaking rainfall, including 230 mm in a single day on August 27. The National Disaster Management Authority reported 184 deaths nationwide, with Sindh, particularly Karachi, bearing a significant toll of 80 and 47 fatalities, respectively, in rain-related incidents.

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