Tuesday, May 28, 2024

PIA Flight Leaves 50 Passengers Stranded at Jeddah Airport

Sources report that a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight departed without approximately 50 passengers who were scheduled to travel to Islamabad.

These passengers were originally slated to arrive in Islamabad the previous day from Jeddah, primarily consisting of Umrah pilgrims.

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Now facing significant challenges, the stranded passengers urgently call for intervention from higher authorities, expressing their distress over the situation.

Sources reveal that the main reason for passengers being left behind was the limited capacity of the aircraft, resulting in insufficient space for all travelers. Despite efforts to accommodate everyone, logistical constraints led to this unfortunate outcome.

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Responding to inquiries about the incident, a spokesperson for PIA confirmed the situation, stating that the affected passengers have been relocated to a nearby hotel temporarily.

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Furthermore, the spokesperson assured that a special flight has been arranged to bring back all stranded passengers to Islamabad today, alleviating concerns over their extended stay in Jeddah.

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