Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Powerful 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Warning in Central Japan

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Japanese scale, the highest level, struck central Japan on the first day of the year 2024, triggering a tsunami warning. Reports indicate that the quake prompted evacuation warnings for residents on the western coast of Japan, including areas such as Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, and Yamagata.

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The tsunami warning advised swift evacuation from the coastal regions, as waves reaching up to 1.2 meters were reported in the Noto Peninsula's Wajima Port in Ishikawa. A series of aftershocks followed the initial quake, registering an estimated magnitude of 7.6. The Noto Peninsula experienced seven earthquakes, and a total of 11 earthquakes were recorded across Japan as of 5 PM.

The tsunami warning, particularly for the Noto Peninsula area, was marked as a major alert, equivalent to the highest level issued after the March 2011 earthquake in the Tohoku region. Waves as high as five meters were predicted for the Noto Peninsula, and the warning extended to Yamagata and Hyogo prefectures.

The situation is evolving, and authorities are actively monitoring and responding to the seismic activity and its potential impact on coastal areas. Residents in the affected regions are urged to follow evacuation protocols and stay informed about the developing situation.

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Izaan Zubair
Izaan Zubair
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