Friday, May 24, 2024

Sameen Khawaja and REHMA featured as Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassadors

The amplification of women artists from the local music scene continues as Spotify announced Sameen Khawaja and REHMA as the EQUAL Pakistan Ambassadors for April and May respectively.

As part of Spotify's ongoing program that brings to light some of the most aspiring female voices from the country, REHMA's song, “HYPNOTIC”, will be prominently featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist throughout this month.

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REHMA, a Los Angeles-based R&B and alternative pop artist, has been captivating listeners with her dreamy and reflective music for over eight years. With major releases predominantly in English or a mix of Urdu and English, REHMA has garnered a dedicated following, with 66% of her listeners being female. Her top markets include the US, India, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Rutaba Yaqub, Senior Editor for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh at Spotify, expressed enthusiasm about adding REHMA to the EQUAL program in May, stating, "REHMA's music embodies the spirit of exploration and authenticity that we value at Spotify. In our efforts to also shine a light on the Pakistani diaspora, we first discovered REHMA through our Fresh Finds program in September 2023, and we are thrilled to continue supporting her journey as an artist."

REHMA joins a continuous line of EQUAL ambassadors which featured Sameen Khawaja, the rising indie pop sensation from Islamabad, in April. Sameen's track "Faithless" was featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist throughout April, showcasing her unique blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements. With deeply personal and introspective songwriting, Sameen has connected with audiences across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the United States, and Canada. Her ability to resonate with a young and dynamic audience is evident, with 56% of her listeners falling within the 18-27 age range.

Listeners can discover REHMA and Sameen Khawaja's tracks on Spotify by visiting the EQUAL Pakistan playlist.

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Zainab Malik
Zainab Malik
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