Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sarim Burney Arrested in Karachi on Human Trafficking Charges

Renowned social activist Sarim Burney has been apprehended in Karachi upon his return from the United States, reportedly following complaints lodged by US authorities.

Burney was taken into custody upon landing in Karachi on Wednesday, with the Anti-Human Trafficking cell of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) overseeing his arrest, as per FIA sources. He faces grave allegations and has been under surveillance for an extended period, the sources added.

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According to reports, Burney stands accused of human trafficking in the United States, with the allegations stemming from US officials' reports to Pakistani authorities.

Burney operates the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International in Karachi, Pakistan.

A video statement by Burney, recorded before his arrest, surfaced online. In the video, Burney addresses accusations levied against him, asserting his intention to speak up after maintaining silence in the face of slanderous allegations. He claims to possess evidence refuting the accusations and vows to disclose secrets upon his return to Karachi from the United States.

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