Monday, June 17, 2024

Security Guard Shoots and Kills Scavenger Boy in Karachi

This incident comes just three days after YouTuber Saad was shot and killed by a security guard

Another tragic incident in Karachi, a security guard shot and killed a scavenger boy following a dispute.

The incident occurred in the North Karachi area, where the guard, identified as Ramzan, fired at the boy during a heated argument, hitting him in the stomach. The guard fled the scene with his weapon.

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The injured boy succumbed to his injuries during treatment, police officials confirmed. The incident took place within the jurisdiction of the Sir Syed police station. Authorities have launched a search operation to apprehend the absconding guard and bring him to justice.

This incident comes just three days after another tragic event in Karachi, where a young man was shot and killed by a security guard while making a video for a social media platform. The earlier incident occurred near Sereena Mobile Mall in the Buffer Zone area.

The police identified the security guard as Ahmed Gul, 35, who shot Saad Ahmed, 24, while he was recording a TikTok video. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central, the shooting happened within the limits of Taimooria police station. The guard, who claimed the young man was making gestures towards him during the video recording, has been arrested.

The guard is an employee of a private security company, and the weapon used in the incident has been recovered. Further investigation into both incidents is underway.

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