Monday, July 15, 2024

Severe Weather Claims Lives in KPK: 17 dead, 23 Injured

Severe weather conditions have unleashed havoc across various parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, resulting in multiple casualties and injuries as roofs collapsed under the weight of heavy rains.

Reports reveal that 17 individuals lost their lives, with an additional 23 sustaining injuries in the aftermath of the roof collapses. Tragically, among the deceased were five children, while numerous animals also perished under the debris.

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In Lower Dir district, a couple and a child met a tragic end when the roof of their house collapsed, with another girl suffering severe injuries. Rescue teams swiftly responded, relocating the bodies and injured to nearby hospitals for urgent medical attention.

Similar incidents unfolded in Batkhela, Malakand, where a mother and her young daughter succumbed to injuries from a roof collapse, while three others, including two children, sustained injuries. Additionally, in Tehsil Baizai, three women were injured in a separate roof collapse incident, prompting immediate rescue operations.

Tragedy continued to strike in Bajaur, claiming the lives of three children due to a collapsed crude house roof, while a girl met a similar fate in Mardan.

Meanwhile, heavy snowfall in upper areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir paralyzed life, with landslides blocking communication roads in Muzaffarabad, Mansehra Road, and Pir Chinasi. Snowfall and rain closed communication roads in Galiyat, with the Lowari Tunnel and national highway in Chaman also shuttered due to snowfall. Pishin and Kalat experienced heavy snowfall, exacerbating already harsh weather conditions.

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Amir Shahzad
Amir Shahzad
Amir Shahzad is a experienced journalist with exceptional leadership skills. Graduated from University of Peshawar, he pitched number of acclaimed stories in the national news channels. At present, serving as senior reporter in a reputed news channel of Pakistan, Amir deliver a vast array of in-depth and informative news packages on country's most strenuous part Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) bordering Afghanistan. He loves reading and travelling.

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