Friday, May 24, 2024

Young Pakistani Cancer Researcher Killed in Portugal

Tragedy strikes as a young Pakistani student, Anthony Shaukat, falls victim to a brutal murder in Portugal, leaving his family devastated and calling upon the Pakistani government for swift repatriation of his body and justice.

Shaukat's family pleads for expedited repatriation and justice following his untimely demise. The aspiring student had traveled to Portugal for a research project affiliated with Portugal Cancer Research, only to become a target of robbery that resulted in his tragic death. The perpetrators not only took his life but also robbed him of his belongings, including his mobile phone, cash, and laptop.

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Residing in Lahore, Shaukat had earned a Master's degree from Sweden and a Ph.D. from Germany, showcasing his dedication to advancing cancer research.

Prior to the tragic confirmation of Shaukat's death, desperate appeals were made on social media platforms to locate him after he went missing in Europe. Naeem Bhatti, who identified Shaukat as his uncle, posted pleas for information regarding his whereabouts, accompanied by a photograph of the missing student.

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