Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ziad Chowdhrey awarded for professional excellence as the finance leader!

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has awarded Ziad Bin Wasim Chowdhrey for professional excellence as the finance leader.

He was presented the Professional Excellence Awards in a graceful ceremony held at PC, Karachi, where 14 industry leaders were awarded in 5 categories.

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Nominees were evaluated on the basis of their leadership approach, performance/achievements, innovation, digital journey, enhancement in brand value of organization, contribution to profession, CSR, etc.

Amongst the recipients, Mr. Ziad Bin Wasim Chowdhrey was recognised and awarded for his professional excellence as the finance leader.

Mr. Ziad Chowdhrey is a commercial, entrepreneurial, and results-oriented CFO (also having served as the CEO), with diverse extensive experience in strategic, financial, and operational management, including international experience. He is currently the CFO and director at Novartis Pakistan.

He firmly believes that a true leader’s legacy is not only in their own success but in the leaders they nurture!

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In addition to being a member of OICCI’s Taxation Committee, he has twice been nominated by OICCI as the Chamber’s representative to public forums; including the Board of Investment.

Having been certified as a trainer on Corporate Governance Leadership Skills, he is also a faculty member at PICG and conducts trainings for directors & senior management. He frequently spends Saturdays coaching young professionals and is also a motivational speaker, being frequently invited at various forums as a speaker.

Mr. Chowdhrey is also a philanthropist, plays tennis, and is an avid fan of organic farming, film making & photography.

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