Tuesday, May 28, 2024

35th ‘Vision Eye Camp’ held to Bring Sight and Hope to almost 600 patients in Lahore and Karachi

Vision Eye Care, an international relief organization dedicated to the prevention of blindness with a footprint in 39 countries around the world, launched its 35th cataract surgery project, the 'Vision Eye Camp,' in Karachi and Lahore. Organized through sponsorships from the Parwaaz Financial Services Limited, CITI Group, Hanananum Foundation, Lotte Akhtar Beverages (Pvt) Ltd, Haimont Group, and Galleria Design, the Camp aimed to treat 600 patients and perform 150 cataract surgeries.

The Camp was organized with three distinguished ophthalmologists, Dr. Donghae Kim, Dr. Dongkwon Lim, and Dr. Mathew Akashi (Medical Director, UCH Lahore), along with four nurses and five volunteers, offering high-quality eye health services. Having embarked on blindness prevention projects in Pakistan since 2002, Vision Care has played a key role in facilitating patients facing vision impairments.

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In Lahore, the organization initiated public eye health services in 2006. By offering opportunities for sight restoration, Vision Care endeavors to not only conduct cataract surgeries for low-income groups but also implement eye screening programs and provide magnifiers to those who lack access to adequate medical care. Biannually, Vision Care holds the 'Vision Eye Camp' in Pakistan, conducting over 100 cataract surgeries each session.

Mr. Kim Kooboong, Chairman of the Korean Society in Pakistan, lauded the volunteer activities of Koreans, including the Vision Eye Camp, emphasizing their significant contribution to the friendship between both nations. He highlighted the added significance this year, as Pakistani companies actively participated in sponsoring the event.

Since its inception in 2002, Vision Eye Care has treated 24,429 patients and performed 3,277 cataract surgeries across seven regions, including Karachi and Lahore.

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