Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Countering Iran’s Overnight Attack Cost Israel Over $1 Billion

The cost of countering Iran's recent overnight attack has soared to over $1.35 billion (up to 5 billion shekels) for Israel, according to reports from Israeli media.

Brig. Gen. Ram Aminach, former financial advisor to the Israeli chief of staff, revealed that the expense of defense operations during the attack was estimated between 4-5 billion shekels ($1.08-1.35B). He specified that this figure accounts solely for intercepting Iranian projectiles and drones, excluding minor injuries incurred during the assault.

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A single 'Arrow' missile, deployed to intercept an Iranian ballistic missile, carries a price tag of $3.5 million, while each 'Magic Wand' missile costs $1 million. Additionally, expenditures include sorties of aircraft engaged in intercepting Iranian drones, further contributing to the substantial defense budget.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed that approximately 350 missiles and drones were launched from Iran, with most intercepted by Israel's defense systems. Despite minor damage at the Nevatim air base in Beersheba, Hagari stated that "99 percent of the threats against Israel were intercepted."

Out of 30 cruise missiles launched, 25 were intercepted, and only a few of the over 120 ballistic missiles breached Israeli territory, landing at the Nevatim air base. Hagari emphasized the failure of Iran's attempt to neutralize the Israeli Air Force, underscoring the continued operation of the Nevatim base.

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In addition to launches from Iran, missiles and drones were launched from territories including Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, as reported by Hagari.

The airborne attack conducted by Iran on Saturday, in retaliation for an April 1 airstrike on its diplomatic facility in Syria, resulted in casualties among Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. While Iran claimed hits on certain military targets, Israel asserted that most attacks were thwarted by its air defense systems, with only one missile striking a military base in the southern region.

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