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Dabangg’s Star Receives Chilling Threat After Home Shooting Incident

Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has issued a chilling threat to Bollywood actor Salman Khan following a recent shooting incident outside the actor's residence in Mumbai.

Two individuals on motorbikes, their faces obscured by helmets, opened fire outside Salman Khan’s home yesterday. Although a case has been registered, the suspects remain at large, with one of them identified as hailing from Gurugram.

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Indian media reports have linked Lawrence Bishnoi's brother, Anmol Bishnoi, to the shooting, as he claimed responsibility for the attack on social media. In a Facebook post written in Hindi, Anmol Bishnoi directly addressed Salman Khan, warning him of dire consequences.

"We seek peace, but if forced into conflict, we shall oblige, Salman Khan! Consider this incident as a warning shot. Know our capabilities and refrain from challenging us. This is our final warning to you; thereafter, bullets will not be confined to mere walls," the post reads.

In response to the threat, Salman Khan's father, Saleem Khan, spoke to Indian media, assuring that their family remained unharmed during the shooting. He dismissed the incident as a bid for attention, emphasizing that the perpetrators seek only publicity and pose no real threat.

Police sources confirm that three rounds were fired during the incident, which occurred around 4:55 am. The forensic team is expected to arrive at the scene soon to gather evidence. It’s being reported that the Mumbai Police Crime Branch will take over the case as investigations proceed to determine those involved.

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Last year, Salman Khan faced a death threat from Canada-based fugitive gangster Goldy Brar, who openly declared the Bollywood superstar as a target for his gang. Mumbai Police had previously filed an FIR against gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar, along with another individual, following an email threatening Salman Khan at his Mumbai residence.

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Aarav Joshi
Aarav Joshi
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