Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fly Jinnah and 1-Link collaborates to enhance Customer Experience

Fly Jinnah, Pakistan's low-cost airline, has partnered with 1-Link to streamline payments for flight bookings. Under this innovative collaboration, passengers will have a dedicated time window to confirm their bookings by completing the payment process, offering unmatched flexibility and convenience.

1-Link, which is Pakistan’s largest payment gateway and switch system will enable customers with any bank account to easily complete their bookings by making payments from their phone or laptop, eliminating the need to visit a physical Fly Jinnah office for the transaction.

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At the core of this partnership is a dedication to providing Fly Jinnah customers with a seamless booking experience. What sets this partnership apart is the array of payment channels available to customers. Payments can be made through various means, including any bank's branch or ATM connected to the extensive 1-Link network. Additionally, customers can swiftly complete their transactions through their bank's website or mobile app integrated with 1-Link. This diversity of payment options empowers travelers to choose the method that best suits their preferences.

Fly Jinnah's dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the booking process, as the airline has consistently been recognized for its best-in-class offerings. Most recently, it achieved the top ranking for flight punctuality and regularity by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

This partnership with 1-Link exemplifies Fly Jinnah's unwavering commitment to elevating the travel experience. It empowers passengers to plan their journeys with ease and convenience.

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