Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Masood Khan: Pakistan fast moving to become next tech hub

Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States emphasized Pakistan's trajectory towards becoming the next tech hub of the region during discussions with US business leaders in Los Angeles. Ambassador Masood Khan highlighted the exponential growth of Pakistan's tech industry in recent years, attributing it to the country's digitization efforts and a series of reforms aimed at facilitating businesses and ensuring profitability.

"We are determined to succeed, supported by our diaspora and allies like the United States," asserted Ambassador Khan, underlining Pakistan's national resolve.

Engaging with President of the Los Angeles Area Chambers of Commerce, Maria S. Salinas, Khan showcased Pakistan's appeal to American enterprises, with eighty prominent companies including Fortune 500 giants such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft already thriving in the Pakistani market.

"We urge US companies to expand their investments in Pakistan," urged the Ambassador, recognizing the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Ambassador Khan invited President Salinas to visit Pakistan, envisioning it as a catalyst for bolstering confidence and fostering economic ties. He proposed a sister city partnership between Los Angeles and Karachi to enhance economic interactions, leveraging the significant presence of the Pakistani American community in LA as a foundation for strengthening bilateral relations.

Meetings with the Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce underscored the vital contributions of Pakistani American businessmen and investors across various sectors, from hospitality to healthcare and technology. Ambassador Khan hailed their role as facilitators of collaboration between the two nations.

Reiterating the resilient foundations of Pakistan-US relations, Ambassador Khan highlighted ongoing cooperation in areas ranging from security to climate change and renewable energy. He noted the support of international financial institutions in Pakistan's economic reform agenda, fostering confidence among investors.

In his engagements, Ambassador Khan emphasized the importance of diversifying US enterprises' product lines to explore export opportunities in Gulf and other regions. He highlighted the facilitative role of the Special Economic Zones to spark investments and promote economic growth in Pakistan, with priority given to sectors such as IT, agriculture, energy, and extractive industries.

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Addressing a gathering of Pakistani Americans organized by Friends of Pakistan, Ambassador Khan expressed gratitude for their commitment to fostering Pakistan-US relations. He commended their unity and passion, reaffirming Pakistan's commitment to strengthening ties with the diaspora and the United States.

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