Monday, June 17, 2024

Norway, Ireland, Spain to Recognize Palestine

Norway will recognize an independent Palestinian state, hoping to foster peace with Israel, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere announced on Wednesday. This move will be joined by Ireland and Spain, according to sources.

In recent weeks, European Union members Slovenia and Malta have also indicated plans to recognize Palestine, advocating that a two-state solution is crucial for lasting peace in the region. "In the middle of a war, with tens of thousands of dead and injured, we must keep alive the only thing that can provide a safe home for both Israelis and Palestinians: two states that can live in peace with each other," Stoere said at a press conference.

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Currently, 143 out of 193 UN member-states recognize a Palestinian state. European countries have taken varied approaches to the issue. Sweden recognized Palestine a decade ago, while France has withheld recognition unless it can significantly advance peace efforts.

These diplomatic moves come amid intensified Israeli military actions on the Gaza Strip's northern and southern edges, leading to a new exodus of hundreds of thousands of people and a severe restriction on aid, heightening the risk of famine.

Norway, a non-EU member, has maintained that it would recognize Palestine only if it could positively impact the peace process, aligning with the stance of its close ally, the United States. The Nordic country has a history of attempting to mediate peace between Israel and the Palestinians over the past few decades.

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